You’re best friend is getting hitched…that’s either a good thing or bad thing. Regardless of your thoughts on your wingman getting married, it is your job to make sure he has an awesome bachelor party. To some men, this might be right up their alley but, to the common man who already wears way too many hats and has a lengthy to do list, this can become a daunting task. Thankfully there is a perfectly simple solution to that problem with a Bachelor Party planned by ManCave Events. Strategic partnerships with suppliers, venues and everything else you could possibly need to make your friend’s bachelor party is a success are at ManCave Events’ disposal with no hassle to you. Our team will work to ensure your expectations are met and that you do not wait in lines at clubs, get stranded at the restaurant waiting for a cab or any other blunders that might detract from the all important bachelor party. Get your bachelor party experience started today!
Looking to throw a birthday party that is different from the last 10? Maybe someone is celebrating a milestone birthday this year: 21, 30, 40, or 50? ManCave Events is an excellent option to make this one special and to be remembered for the rest of their life. Save time, money and get the finest event solution delivered without all the headaches of planning such a gathering. From invitations to event clean-up, ManCave Events is the way to go for that next birthday party. Want to make it a surprise party? Not a problem! We will do everything secretly and be sure not to give the guest of honor any suspicions of what is coming. Get started today and show that special someone you care about them with a ManCave Events experience!
Bar Crawls are always a great way to get everyone including friends, family, colleagues and even strangers together for a specific purpose or none at all. Whether you are trying to raise money for a charity, remembering a life, or just looking to get everyone together for an afternoon around the town’s barstools, bar crawls offer a great opportunity to get the job done. Toughest part of pulling this off and making it a successful pub crawl is the coordination and execution which is where ManCave Events come in to play. ManCave Events takes care of everything including arranging ticket/bracelet purchases using an online system, providing transportation (if necessary), arranging sponsorships, arranging specials for drinks and food and even putting together gift bags for all participants. Looking for a unique event idea to honor a cause? Look no further and contact ManCave Events for a free Bar Crawl event consultation. Get your bar crawl experience started today.
You've all seen it before at sporting events and barbeques and maybe you have even tossed a few bags in your life. If you have, you know how much fun, safe and easy cornhole is to play. If you haven't, you need to hop on the bandwagon and join in on the fun. Use cornhole to add a dimension to your event, provide the main piece of entertainment or bring people together for a good cause and raise money with a cornhole tournament. ManCave Events has the resources and tournament planning experience to make your tournament, large or small, a huge success. Contact ManCave Events to start planning your conrnhole tournament today.
Ah, the day has arrived that you get to put all of your useless knowledge of sports on display in choosing your fantasy squad for the upcoming football, baseball, basketball or hockey season. Investing your time with entertaining everyone or being put in charge of reserving space at the local bar/restaurant could put you at a competitive disadvantage or just simply put too much stress on your plate. Capture the league title and the respect of your friends, or competition in this case, with one call to ManCave Events who will work with you to make this year’s a draft a hit. We have several different packages to give your draft a true “draft feel” and will work with our partners to deliver the finest experience available without any of the hassle, allowing you to focus on your sleeper picks. Select ManCave Events today with your Fantasy Draft’s first pick.
Golf outings, for many men is the perfect storm event: friends, booze, food, contests and, oh yeah, golf. When done correctly this has the potential to be one of the highlights of the year. Done incorrectly and with limited help and it has potential to be your biggest nightmare of the year. ManCave Events is here to make sure the latter doesn’t happen through proper planning and a tournament/outing format that will maximize the fun and enjoyment for everyone participating. Invitations, sponsorships, promoting the outing to the public and much more can all be trusted to ManCave Events in producing a phenomenal golf outing experience. If you are looking to raise money, generate buzz/awareness or just get a group of people together for a good old fashioned golf tournament, ManCave Events is your go to planning service. ManCave Events can also plan Cornhole, Horseshoe, Darts and many other tournaments too!
A college graduation party marks the accomplishment of obtaining a degree in a particular field of study and entering in to the next chapter of life. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Not so fast! It marks the last time that college graduates can party with the friends that have become family in true college style. Whether it’s your son, husband, boyfriend or brother, let ManCave Events ensure this party is one for everyone to remember for the rest of their lives. We will work with you and the guest of honor to ensure that every aspect is covered from the food and drinks to the music and games/entertainment. If your home can’t handle the guest list we can even get transportation, accommodations and venues ready for the graduation everyone will be talking about for years to come. Treat your graduate to a ManCave Experience to celebrate their accomplishments!
Entertaining a small crowd at your house can be a stressful experience for even the most hospitable host in the world. Nobody wants to get so involved in making sure all of the guests are comfortable that you in turn are uncomfortable and asking what the score is from the unfriendly confines of the kitchen. So, for your next Super Bowl Party, World Cup Party, College Bowl Game Party, Daytona 500 Party or whatever your favorite sports big game may be, trust ManCave Events to deliver an incredible experience for everyone, including the host. All aspects of the party will covered with many different solutions to choose from ranging from simple to extravagant. Create a game like feel right in your living room or event your favorite local bar or lodge.
You show up 5 hours early to support your team/artist and ManCave Events will show up 5 hours early to support you. Tailgating is truly an art form and when orchestrated correctly, can make the game/concert just the icing on the cake. ManCave Events has several different Tailgate Party solutions that can fit any budget aRomantic Evening Planningnd event including sporting events and concerts. We will work with you to establish what exactly you will need to make the day a success including food, drinks, tent(s), transportation, entertainment and much more all at an incredible value. Our strategic partners and suppliers allow us to provide you with the finest Tailgate Party package that will truly make you the envy of the parking lot. Treat yourself and guests to a ManCave Events Tailgating Experience!
Need a break from the weekly grind? Work, the kids, life in general? (Note: we did not suggest wife in any way) Why not take a weekend and get together with all of your buddies for some relaxation and fun. No matter what your preferences are or the time of year, ManCave Events can orchestrate the perfect weekend retreat. Skiing weekend in the Poconos? Done! Golf weekend in Atlantic City? Done! ManCave Events can customize a weekend package that meets your desires and budget by utilizing our strategic partnerships to deliver an awesome weekend experience. You pick the destination or simply ask for ideas and ManCave Events will design a package just for you. The only problem you will encounter with a weekend getaway planned by ManCave Events is your loss of motivation to return back to reality. There is always next weekend right?
Going Away / Farewell Parties, Retirement Parties
Coming Soon! Need help planning that important night out but have absolutely no clue where to start? We can help you out! Consult with ManCave Events for your Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or any other date to make a great impression. Completely confidential and everything is in your name, not MCE LLC.